April 5, 2023

Run a livewire laravel app behind a nginx reverse proxy

For my web projects I'm using a Docker setup. Every single application is run as a docker container. To reach each of this containers, there is a nginx reverse proxy in place to route the traffic to...


August 9, 2022

Git under WSL shows all files as modified

Caused by different line endings, there is a chance that git under WSL falsely flags files as modified. Under Linux there is typically LF als line ending where under Windows CR+LF is beeing used. To...


January 24, 2022

Setup encrypted SMTP Mailer in Laravel 8

When you enter your smtp mail credentials in Laravels .env file you are asked for the encryption. Since Laravel's mailer is based upon swiftmailer, you are able to set three different states. null:...


October 22, 2021

Flip images with TailwindCSS

Sometimes you find that an image you want to show would be better mirrored. To achieve this this you could of course adjust the image in a suitable software. But CSS is capable to do this on its...


October 10, 2021

GitHub Desktop for Linux

Git itself is a terminal based application but not everyone likes to commit changes via terminal commands. Then you can reach out to a gui client for git. One of this clients is GitHub Desktop. But...


October 9, 2021

How to install MariaDB on Ubuntu

When you want to install MariaDB on Ubuntu you should first update your system. To do this, open your terminal and enter the following command. When your system is updated you can start by...